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“I love alcohol but it doesn't work so well for me anymore"
“I've heard that alcohol can increase the risk of cancer, is this really true? ”
"How much  alcohol is bad for me?"
"Do I need to change my relationship with alcohol?"

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Alcohol is a hot topic these days. 


To drink or not to drink, that is the question.


I don't like to tell anyone what to do. But I do like to help people make an informed choice when it comes to drinking.


Unfortunately as we age, my view is that the downsides of drinking start to outweigh a fun night out.


But, that is for you to decide! That is why I have created the "What you need to know about alcohol" guide.

It is a short document explaining why alcohol becomes more problematic for midlife women.

Read it. Sit with it. And then make your choice about your relationship with alcohol going forward. 

I'm not the fun police. I just want you to live an extraordinary life. 

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