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Meet Sheryl Carroll

Hi, I’m Sheryl Carroll AKA Tiny, because well, I’m tiny!

For years I worked as an internal auditor, playing the corporate game. I am ambitious and loved learning and engaging with people, but when I took time to reflect, I realised I was missing the real passion for my job.  This misalignment became more pronounced as I had kids and embarked on my holistic health journey.  Then one day, it hit me. I had found my “thing”. The thing that lights me up and excites me every day. Meeting my deep desire to connect with people and help them.  I knew I had to make this my career. 

So I took the plunge and became a holistic health coach and Integrative Health Practitioner. Now I’m living my dream, using my sharp auditing investigative skills to help people identify and resolve the things that are holding them back from feeling strong, energetic and engaged in life.

Sheryl Caroll | Your Tiny Voice | Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner | Sydney

Personal transformation is a process.  And this involves reconnecting to your inner voice, the voice of your body, your emotions, your health and letting this be your guide. This is how you can become THAT person, the ultimate picture of health.

Your Tiny Voice will help you metamorphose into the best version of you.

I will work with you to identify the root causes holding you back from achieving the vibrant health you thought was a thing of the past. I will educate you on the foundational principles of health and wellbeing, including:

·       Diet
·       Exercise
·       Sleep
·       Stress Management
·       Daily routines
·       Detoxing your body and environment
·       Gut Health and Digestion
·       Brain health
·       Hormonal Balance
·       Supplements
·       Emotional Balance
·       Success Mindset

Supporting you to make sustainable changes to achieve your health goals. 

Are you ready to be that person? The one that everyone looks at and wants to know their secret?


True health is not just the absence of disease but living with vitality

- Stephen Cabral

How My Programs Can Help You

The Health Revamp Program | Your Tiny Voice | Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner | Sydney

The Empress

This Empress Program is for you if:

•   You are tired ALL the time but struggle to sleep properly
•   You have no idea what having energy feels like
•   You’re lacking the motivation and drive you used to have for the things you love in life
•   Your monthly cycle brings out your second personality (the devil woman!) and/ or you have hormonal issues like PCOS or endometriosis
•   You can’t shift those extra kgs that have made their way onto your body over the years
•   You are confused about what you should or shouldn’t be eating.
•   You have niggling health symptoms that just won’t go away (think gut issues, skin issues, joint pain, brain fog)
•   You are feeling frazzled and react to EVERYTHING

The Detox Reboot Program | Your Tiny Voice | Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner | Sydney

The Detox Reboot

This Detox Reboot Program is for you if:

•   You are feeling tired, bloated, worn-down and fatigued
•   Your brain just isn’t firing the way it used to 
•   You know your health needs some attention but you don’t know where to start 
•   You would like a quick health reset that has been proven to work  
•   You want to lose weight and feel more energised
•   You want easy to implement actions to improve your diet in a sustainable way 

Corporate Wellbeing Program | Your Tiny Voice | Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner | Sydney

Corporate Wellbeing

My philosophy is that truly healthy employees are more engaged in life and at work and are more likely to perform.


Based on the DESTRESS protocol, my corporate wellness programs are designed to align to the business strategy and budget and meet the needs of the employees.


I will be your wellbeing champion, working with you to empower your people to take control of their health.


Costs are determined based on need. Enquire here.

The Health Check-In | Your Tiny Voice | Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Health Practitioner | Sydney

The Health Check-In

This Health Check-In is for you if:

•   You think that health coaching will benefit you but would like a “taster” first  
•   You have one area of your health that you would like to improve 
•   You are motivated and committed to improving your health and can take action independently

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