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Rebalance & Revitalise

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Has your health veered off track? You felt like you were ticking along quite nicely, but now you’re tired, bloated, feeling a little softer around the middle. And the mood swings! That is another story! 

The number of coffees, wines and chocolates has slowly crept up. It’s how you get by! Your “treats”. But you know deep down it isn’t really working for you, and you need to make a change. But you don’t have the head space to come up with a plan.

The Rebalance & Revitalise (R&R) program is just for you. This short, intensive program is exactly what you need to reset your habits and get you back on track.

You will walk away from our time together feeling lighter, brighter and back in control of your health. You will know exactly how you should be eating, moving and managing your physical, mental and emotional stress and have the strategies to course correct in future. 

In this program, I will audit your lifestyle and give you the exact changes you need to make for optimal health and longevity and will support you to implement them within the 6 weeks. You will also do a 7 day liver detox protocol to reset your system and bring down levels of inflammation. A critical step for increased energy, weight loss and longevity. 


•   You know your health needs a reset, but you don’t know where to start 
•   You would like a quick and effective health reset  
•   You want to lose weight and feel more energised
•   You want easy to implement actions to improve your lifestyle in a sustainable way 
•   You’re interested in learning how to optimise your health and longevity using the latest research in female-specific lifestyle strategies  
•   You’re a self-starter and able to take recommendations and implement them independently 


- 1 hour Comprehensive health review session
- 7 day detox (supplements and guide) for a metabolic reset
- 5 45 minute 1:1 sessions to provide personalised lifestyle recommendations including nutrition, movement, daily routines, gut health, supplements 
- functional medicine lab testing and review (if required)
- 1:1 accountability over 6 weeks to implement key lifestyle changes
- 24/7 support over whatsapp

INVESTMENT: Reach out for latest pricing

Purchase this program now and book in your 15 kick off session to chat through next steps.

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Lynsey Chan
Rhythm of Breath

 “This was the first time doing a detox like this and I have got to say overall it was so much easier than I was expecting and I actually really enjoyed it. Throughout the week I changed my eating habits, relationship to portion size and food and my body just felt so clean and reset. I slept really well and had so much energy for exercise after those first couple of days I was really surprised. I highly recommend it for a great detox, reset, and to help with mental fog. And with Sheryl's guidance you feel so supported and that you can do it with ease. Thank you Sheryl for introducing me to this, I’ve got all my friends on it and ready to go again in Feb! Can’t wait. 5 stars and more!"

Sam Warfield-Smith
Marketing Manager

"I’ve done the detox a couple of times with very different experiences. Whilst challenging at the start the end result is an extreme sense of great achievement. My mind and body were at their best - clarity of thinking, energy at a high, feeling nourished eating so clean. Overall  a really good re-set for your well-being, even if it’s to try once it’s so worth doing."

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