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The Health Revamp

3 month 1:1 program

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revamp (v) - to change or arrange something again, in order to improve it.

The Health Revamp Program is for women wanting to take their health to the next level. This may mean getting rid of excess weight, clearing the brain fog, optimising hormones, maximising energy, becoming pain free, sleeping better or addressing limiting beliefs.

After the age of 40, things start to change. It can be a tricky time, and many things can be contributing to how you're feeling in body and mind.  Regardless of your health goals, we will work together to identify and address the root causes that may be contributing to your symptoms and holding you back from feeling the way you want to. 

Each session is aligned to your personal goals and aims to educate and empower you to take the action needed to bring about the change you desire. With this high-touch program, there are regular check-ins, providing you with ongoing support, encouragement and accountability.

If you are fed up with feeling less than average, make the change today! Change begins with the first step... and I am here to hold your hand every step of the way. 


·       Nutrition
·       Movement
·       Sleep
·       Stress Management
·       Daily routines
·       Detoxing your body and environment
·       Gut Health and Digestion
·       Brain health
·       Hormonal Balance
·       Supplements
·       Emotional Balance
·       Success Mindset


The Health Revamp Program is for you if:
•   You are tired ALL the time but struggle to sleep properly
•   You have no idea what having energy feels like
•   You’re lacking the motivation and drive you used to have for the things you love in life
•   Your hormones are a MESS! Whether you're in perimenopause or menopause, you just don't feel like yourself anymore.  
•   You can’t shift those extra kgs that have made their way onto your body over the years.​
•  Your body is sore. Muscles, joints, everything is achy and feels inflamed.

•   You have other niggling health symptoms that just won’t go away (think gut issues, skin breakouts, brain fog)​

•   You are confused about what you should or shouldn’t be eating or how you should be exercising 
•  Your blood tests come back "normal" but you feel far from that! 

•   You are feeling frazzled and react to EVERYTHING

•  You know that there is a path to better health and want a practitioner to be your guide and partner in health!


•   Initial comprehensive health review session of 1 hour

•   8 sessions of 45 minutes to provide personalised lifestyle recommendations including nutrition, movement, daily routines, gut health, supplements 

•  Lifestyle recommendations tailored to your needs that will get you results

•   1:1 accountability over 12 weeks to implement key lifestyle changes 
•   Unlimited weekday support over Whatsapp  

*NOTE – This program will be tailored to suit your specific goals and will focus on those those topics that will support you to achieve them.  


INVESTMENT: Reach out for latest pricing 


You may be thinking, "I've tried this before, it didn't work" or "I don't believe this will work for me". That's because you haven't yet understood my process. This includes:
cutting through the noise and supporting you to make lifestyle changes that reflect the latest research in female health AND fit into your lifestyle
• there is no one size fits all approach, I meet each client where they are at
I am literally in your pocket! You have access to me 5 days a week from 9-5 to answer questions, coach you through blocks, celebrate your success 
All my programs have risk-free guarantees as I know you will see results if you follow my guidance. 


Book a health strategy call and I will unlock YOUR tiny voice.

It's As Easy As

E – Exercise
S – Stress Management
T – Toxin Removal
R – Rest
E – Emotional Balance
S – Supplementation
S – Success Mindset

simple creative dream catcher

Paula Conroy
Mindful Leadership Development Consultant

"When I started working with Sheryl as my health coach, I was exhausted, stressed, carrying some extra kgs, and in a place of complete paralysis on how to move myself towards balance and well-being. I felt lost and alone. Sheryl immediately made me feel at ease and supported me emotionally as I digested the intense feelings of stress and shame that I had in relation to my health and weight. She recognised where I was at, and tailored the structure of my program, to meet my present needs. She didn’t ask too much of me in those early days, but also provided gentle encouragement, guidance and support as I worked my way through what felt like a mountain of ’stuff’. As I implemented her bespoke program suited to my needs, the fog started to lift and things seemed possible again. I have now completely transitioned my entire life into a new career, a new body and a new level of health, thanks to Sheryl's expert guidance. I feel Amazing! And am deeply grateful that this extraordinary health coach crossed my path. We don’t have to do it alone."

Anna Walker

Senior Banking Professional

"I've been a benefactor of Sheryl's health coaching for the past two years and can't recommend her enough. Her passion for her work is deeply evident, reflected not only in her extensive knowledge but in the manner by which she engages with her clients. You can't help but feel comfortable and confident under Sheryl's care, willing and wanting to work with her to get to the root cause of whatever it is that may be ailing you or to simply be guided towards a healthier, more vital and optimal you. I am someone who has always taken an interest in exercise and well being, and therefore wasn't sure I had much to gain by engaging a health coach however very early on and leveraging test based evidence I was shown what lay beneath the surface and just how much I was doing that was potentially harmful to my long term health. From there, Sheryl helped to identify where I could make simple, incremental changes to improve energy, restore balance and prevent future illness. perhaps more importantly, she showed me how I could help to improve brain and gut function, focus and energy for my young boys to give them the best chance at life. There are many things in life that money can buy but the trusted advice of a qualified, embodied health coach to me is invaluable. Sheryl for me has been  just that - a role model, inspiration, my wellness conscience, helping me make better choices day by day for me and my loved ones. For anyone struggling to get to the root of any health matter or simply wanting to educate themselves on modern day integrative health optimisation practices, Sheryl is the health coach for you!"

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