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“I know I need to eat more protein at brekkie but I have no idea what to eat" 
“I am SO sick of eggs, what else can I eat for breakfast?"
"I have no time so I never eat breakfast, even though I know I should". 
"I want to make better choices, but I'm stuck".

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This is a question I get so often.


The penny is dropping for women when it comes to breakfast. Protein over processed carbs is becoming a no-brainer. 


BUT the issue exists in the execution. What are the right breakfast options?


What are the alternatives to eggs and smoothies?


That is why I have created this high protein breakfast guide. I explain why protein is so important for breakfast and give you LOTS of recipe ideas.


If you're looking to upgrade your nutrition, I always encourage women to start with their breakfast. 

Now download the guide and get implementing! Positive change starts now! 


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