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“My body has changed”
“I have a tyre around my belly”
“I look at food and gain weight”
“My usual weight loss strategies aren’t working anymore”
“I have a midlife muffin top!”

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Does this sound familiar? You’ve hit your 40’s and you all of a sudden have extra flesh around the middle! 


I am here to tell you that this isn’t something you have to settle for now that you are in “midlife”. There is a reason why your body is holding onto belly fat. And I am here to share the good news that it is ABSOLUTELY possible to change your body shape and lose the muffintop.


I have created the “Do these 5 things to lose the midlife muffintop” guide to help you do just that. And when you implement the lifestyle changes that help you lose the belly fat, it unlocks MANY other benefits including more energy, balanced moods, stronger muscles and bones, a sharper brain. 


Do these 5 things and you will be leaning into a hormone-happy lifestyle, one that will support you to look and feel your best in perimenopause and beyond. I’m SO excited for you to get started.

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