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| ShapeShifters Perimenopause Program

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You're tired, you can't remember a damn thing and your clothes are tight. VERY tight. You're frustrated because you know WHAT you need to do, but you don't have the energy to do it or have no idea how to add anything else to your plate.


There is also so much information out there about what the "right" diet is, the "right" exercise. It is SO confusing so you just end up doing nothing and feeling worse about yourself. 


You assume that this is just what happens when you age. So you accept feeling like crap....the belly fat, the fatigue, the puffy face, the lost keys. Aging SUX.

No! It doesn't... I am here to show you another way. To cut through the noise, to tell you exactly what to do using the latest research in female health and longevity, and to help you to break through your barriers to change. Good bye self-limiting beliefs and the old stories that no longer serve you.

Introducing ShapeShifters, your one-stop-shop perimenopause program. This is the passion project of Unna Goldsworthy, an extraordinary exercise physiologist (who is as passionate about supporting women as I am), and I.


We wanted to make it easy for women in perimenopause to feel empowered and to learn to adjust their lifestyle in a way that enables them to feel amazing in body and mind. 


The ShapeShifters course and community is a safe space for you to share and grow, giving you the platform to step into the best version of yourself and stay there. This is not a diet or exercise program, it is a lifestyle program. One that centres around self-love and connection. 

The time for you is NOW. 


ShapeShifters is specifically for a woman looking to optimise their lifestyle to support hormonal health and wellbeing in perimenopause and beyond, including:

Nutrition: Stop the dieting guesswork and have an actionable female-centred plan to move towards their health goals (weight loss, energy, clear thinking, better sleep);
Movement: Learn how to move and exercise in a way that improves their health and how they feel in their own skin (helloooo muscles, goodbye belly fat!); and 
Stress management: Learn to identify physical, emotional and mental stress and implement the tools and techniques to manage this stress. 

By the end of our 12 months together you will:

1. Know why and how you need to eat, move and manage your stress 

One of the best benefits of this program is that you will understand what is going on in your body. You will no longer feel that your body is failing you as you will be nourishing your body, mind and soul in a way that supports you to thrive in perimenopause and beyond.

2. Feel AMAZING in your skin 

This program will give you the body you want and strengthen your resolve, mental resilience and capacity for self love

3. Have the energy to do and be what you want to in this life 

Your symptoms like fatigue, sleep disturbances, mood changes and brain fog will improve. And with this comes more energy and zest for life! 


  • Sign up when you are ready and get access to the pre-recorded content and monthly coaching calls for a year. 

  • It is your journey, take it at your pace. 

  • The group coaching calls will be every 2nd Tuesday at 7.30 pm AEST.

  • If you can't attend live, submit your questions and you'll receive the replay. 

  • You will have access to the private Facebook Group for life. Once a ShapeShifter, always a ShapeShifter! 

  • We will bring in guest expert speakers to cover topics like hormone therapy and herbal options. 


  • Investment for the program is AUD850 

  • Option to add on 1:1 support with me to review blood work, run additional testing e.g. gut testing,  thyroid/adrenal/hormone testing etc and provide protocols and supplementation to rebalance your body. (Investment determined based on support needed)

Ready to go? Sign up here.  Otherwise book in for a complementary health strategy session. 

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