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“I'm so confused about what to eat"
“I can't shift weight no matter what I do”
"I look at food and put on weight"
"I don't understand my midlife body"

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Are you a midlife woman looking to simplify the nutrition world?

There are so many “diets”, “fads”, “trends” that are contradictory and confusing.

You just want some simple principles to follow, that cut through the noise and will help you look and feel your best. I’ve got you!


I have created the “Midlife Woman’s Nutrition Checklist” as a little cheat sheet for you to use to make sure you are getting the basics right.


If you are time poor and just want to consistently make good choices for your health, then this checklist is for you.


It is balanced, nothing extreme, and sets out the key things you need to be focused on to support the changing requirements of your beautiful body.

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