7 Day Body - Mind Detox

Are you struggling with inflammation, bloating, weight gain and fatigue? 

Are you feeling flat, anxious or that you’re in a negative headspace?

You know you need to do SOMETHING, but you just don’t know what?

We've got you. A simple proven system that WILL work.

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Is This You?

  • You are feeling bloated, worn-down and fatigued?

  • Not sleeping as well as you would like?

  • You experience chronic pain and inflammation in your body?

  • Your brain is foggy and just isn’t firing the way it used to?

  • You are often stressed, overwhelmed, or anxious?

  • You want to lose weight and feel more energized?

It is NOT normal or necessary to live this way!

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt lighter, more energised, and sharp in your mind. If you had the tools to deal with anxiety and stress, and instead find calm and feel balanced.

What would your life look like?

What would your life feel like?

What would you do?

Our unique Body-Mind Detox program will clear out and rebalance your body, mind and emotional systems. It is from this place of balance that you can create transformational and lasting change.

You will learn simple ways to improve your diet and give you exercises and tools to shift your mindset. We will set you up to achieve  sustainable, holistic lifestyle changes.

Healthy Salad

It is time for you to feel lighter, brighter, and more balanced. Let us support you on your journey to a happier and healthier you!

This unique program connects the body and mind for long-lasting transformation


What exactly IS a body-mind detox?

It all starts with your liver.

We will detoxify your body by following a PROVEN liver detoxification protocol to remove toxins that have built up over time. Why? Because these nasty things play havoc with our health and can be the root cause of so many niggling health symptoms.

We will also address the emotional toxic load by learning to remove stagnant and heavy energy. Why? Because unmanaged stress and emotions take their toll on the body over time. Let’s calm the mind and drop the stress.

This holistic program will nourish your body and your mind - and will leave you feeling energized and lighter, both physically and mentally.

You will be led by two highly experienced and passionate coaches who will support you every step of the way. We want to see you achieve life changing results.


The 7-Day Body-Mind Detox Program
Starting September 20, 2021*

*(REGISTRATION CLOSES August 31, 2021)*

This program includes:

  • Liver Detox Protocol Kit with all of the supplements needed for the program shipped to you 

  • Pre-program Toxicity Assessment, guidance and planning 

  • 7 Day Body-Mind Reset Program Workbook 

  • Access to a private Facebook group with live sessions, daily videos and information 

  • Post-program recap and tips on how to carry the healthy lifestyle habits forward in your daily life 

  • Daily support emails 

  • Group support and expert coaching support for 11 days (pre-program, during and post) 

  • Amazing prize giveaways for completing challenges throughout the week 

  • Guest Speaker Videos 

Over $2,000 in Value!!

You won't find another holistic health program with this much value you packed in!

Are you ready to prioritize your health in a simple, yet focused way? To shift and transform how you feel, and how you live? We can’t wait to support you! We are here for you and are committed to seeing you transform.

About Your Coaches

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Sheryl Carroll

Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner

Sheryl is a banking professional turned holistic health coach and Integrative Health Practitioner. She is passionate about helping people address the root causes holding them back from living with energy, vitality and joy.

Holistic health coaching is about addressing all aspects of health as they are all interconnected. This includes the physical body, mindset and emotional balance. Her approach is to help clients find balance in all areas of health to enable them to rely on their intuition to guide the right decisions about their health.


Randa Sultan
Energy Healer, Mindset and Life Coach

Randa is a strong believer and advocate of the using the power of your mind and the connection between the physical, emotional and mental systems in the body. When any one of these is out of balance, the other systems begin to fail. By supporting all 3 systems, we are able to create lasting transformation and balance for a live of ease, balance and vitality.

Randa will support you on guiding your energy, shifting your mindset, and releasing emotions that are keeping you stuck. Not only will you drop the anxiety and stress during this week, you will be guided on how to get in touch with yourself to the level where you can carry these practices forward in your daily life. All of this in a supporting, nurturing and loving atmosphere. Our goal is for you to achieve lasting shifts in your life and your body toward a healthier, happier you!

What Others Say…

Lynsey Chan

This was the first time doing a detox like this and I have got to say overall it was so much easier than I was expecting and I actually really enjoyed it. Throughout the week I changed my eating habits, relationship to portion size and food and my body just felt so clean and reset. I slept really well and had so much energy for exercise after those first couple of days I was really surprised. I highly recommend it for a great detox, reset, and to help with mental fog. And with Sheryl’s guidance you feel so supported and that you can do it with ease. Thank you Sheryl for introducing me to this, I’ve got all my friends on it and ready to go again! Can’t wait. 5 stars and more!

Kim Hunt

I am grateful to Randa for the coaching and support I have received from her. I have been able to release self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that I had been holding onto since childhood. Self-care has become a daily practice and has driven many positive changes in my approach to relationships and life choices.

Join Us Now!
7-Day Body-Mind Detox Program
Starting June 21, 2021*

ONLY  $360


  • Pre-program Toxicity Assessment, guidance and planning

  • Detox Kit with all supplements - shipped to you

  • 7 Day Body-Mind Reset Program Workbook

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group

  • Post-program recap and tips

  • Daily support emails, videos and information

  • Group support and expert coaching support for 11 days (pre-program, during and post program)

  • Challenges throughout the program and prizes!

*Don’t Delay! Sign up deadline is August 31, 2021!*


High Quality Liver Detox Protocol Provided

We have selected a high quality and proven-to-work liver detoxification protocol for our program. The detox kit will be ordered on your behalf and shipped directly to you.

Easy Detox Recipes

You will receive a complete 7 day detox workbook with easy and delicious detox recipes and a simple shopping guide. Plan your meals by following this workbook. It is all laid out for you!

Mindset Shifts

Our 7 Day Body-Mind Detox program connects your mind and body through guided mindset exercises and meditations. The program workbook also provides daily reflection journaling pages and affirmations specifically designed to support your detox journey.


The program includes a private Facebook group where you can connect, discuss, encourage and chat with your fellow Detox-ers and Coaches on a daily basis. Having this community connection to feel supported all the way through is a key part of the program! We will post daily videos with information specific to each stage of the detox process and will include guidance, tips and support.

Minimal Time Commitment

Your Detox Program exercises will take up just 30 minutes of your day, which includes watching the videos, reading emails, journaling and completing the short mindset exercises. You may invest additional time into preparing new meals or doing additional journaling - but this is discretionary. We also highly encourage you to add in other “pampering” practices to your days to refresh and rejuvenate you! Treat yourself to a massage or an infrared sauna session - something you don’t usually do!  Make this week a Retreat for you, your mind, your body, and your soul:) 

Professional Coaches

This 7-Day Body-Mind Detox program is guided by Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Health Practitioner Sheryl Carroll and Energy Healer, Mindset and Life Coach Randa Sultan. Both women have completed the detox program for themselves and have developed this specific combination of tools and support to maximize your experience and benefit from the program. We will host Live Q&A’s throughout the program starting with a pre-program information session to set you up for success.

Challenges and Giveaways

Complete daily challenges throughout the program and enter to win some fabulous giveaways!


7-Day Body-Mind Detox Program

$360 AUD


Reset your body and mind in just 7 days with our easy-to-follow online group detox program.

Please use the “Add to Cart” button, view your cart and then follow the checkout process to complete your registration.

Darlene Hleuka

Randa’s approach was so kind, thoughtful and insightful. My growth and insight has taken on an amazing journey of clarity and direction. I cannot say enough about Randa’s approach and her expertise. If you are looking for some personal growth, or looking at a certain aspect of yourself, I highly recommend you contact Randa. You won’t be disappointed.

Paula Conroy

I have now been consistently doing a weekly detox every quarter, and each time I learn more about what is going on in my body and emotions, and have the chance to clear this all out. I make increasingly better choices every time I reset with the detox, and am deeply appreciative to Sheryl for her expert guidance, in supporting me to feel as good as I do today.

Are you READY to:

  • shake off the fatigue

  • shed your excess weight

  • balance your hormones

  • reduce your inflammation

  • quiet the chatter in your head

  • feel calm and grounded?

Then it is time to RESET.

Let’s detoxify your body and mind so that you can buzz with energy and vitality, love the skin you’re in and find a place of balance.



1. Why is the 7 Day Body-Mind Reset so great?
This program gives you a guided, fully supported reason to kick-start the change in your life you’ve always dreamed about. No more guesswork! We will guide you through all of the detox steps. You will be given the liver detox protocol and mindset strategies to get and keep you on the right track.

2. Do you offer refunds?
We cannot offer any refunds as supplements will be ordered and shipped to your home. If you have any questions before you commit to the program, please email us at (Randa) or (Sheryl).

3. How long will this take to complete?
The guided detox program is 7 days starting on September 20, 2021. After 7 days, you can continue your newly learned health practices for as long as you’d like. You can also save the materials and repeat your own 7-day detox program at any given time in the future. We will meet as a group (online) a few days before the start date of September 20, 2021 so you can have all of your questions answered, and you are fully prepared to dive in! We will also do a recap a day or two after the completion of the detox program to assist you in carrying these health practices forward. Overall you are getting 11 days of our support and guidance! 

4. What materials will I need for the program?
We will ship to you all the necessary supplements ahead of time to your address of choice. You will also need access to a local store or market to buy food for your detox meals (you will have this information in advance to plan!).

5. What if I am vegetarian or vegan? Will this program work? 
Yes! The supplements and nutritional shake ingredients are vegetarian and vegan friendly and you can prepare vegan and vegetarian detox meals.

6. What if I am pregnant or nursing, can I complete the detox?
No, we do not recommend completing the detox while pregnant or nursing because it may expose your child to toxins your body will be releasing.

7. What if I have dietary restrictions or food allergies?
All of the foods and supplements in the detox program are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free and non-GMO. You can choose food that is suitable for you from the food shopping guide for all detox meals. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact your coaches for further guidance.

8. Is there anyone who should NOT do the detox?
Please consult your medical doctor if you are under 18, pregnant or lactating, have liver or kidney disease, gallbladder conditions, appendicitis, eating disorders, diabetes, or if any of your medications are contraindicated with any of these ingredients in the supplements. For any other health conditions or concerns we recommend that you consult with a medical doctor. Please reach out to us for any specific health concerns and we will be able to give you more information so that you can consult with your medical doctor if recommended. We are available via email: (Sheryl); (Randa).

9. Should I continue with any prescribed mediation during the detox?
During the detox you should stay on all prescription medication prescribed by your healthcare practitioner, please also confirm that none of your mediations are contraindicated with any of the ingredients in the detox (contact us if you need a list of the ingredients in the supplements).

10. What happens after the 7-day detox program? 
We will do a recap a two days after completion of the detox program to assist you in carrying these health practices forward.

11. Why is the deadline to register for the program 3 weeks before the program starts?
We need to leave enough time to get all the detox kits to you. Shipping can take 2 weeks or more depending on where you are located. Sign up by August 31st so that we have enough time to get all of the materials to you!

12. What if I am in a different country or different time zone?
Sheryl is located in Sydney, Australia (AEST), and Randa is located in British Columbia, Canada (MST). The live Q&A times will be announced in advance, and replays will be available so that you can watch at a time that works for you. The Facebook group will be available for any questions, comments, or challenges throughout the week - so that we are all connected no matter what time zone you are in!

Miranda McMurray

Randa challenges you to dig deep and get really truthful with yourself so you can start on your own personal growth. Working with Randa I learned the importance of filling my own cup, and how to make sure I do that each day. She gave me tools to turn bad days into good ones. I would recommend working with her to any of my friends. I enjoyed the process and am still enjoying the benefits.

Sam Warfield-Smith

I’ve done the detox a couple of times with very different experiences. Whilst challenging at the start the end result is an extreme sense of great achievement. My mind and body were at their best - clarity of thinking, energy at a high, feeling nourished eating so clean. Overall a really good re-set for your well-being, even if it’s to try once it’s so worth doing.

**Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed. Every participant’s results from a program such as this are based on body type, commitment, adherence to the protocol and participation in the program. Your coaches are here to give you the information, the protocols, guidance and support to assist you on achieving the best outcomes for you. We will be here to support and guide you throughout the program (pre-program planning and preparation, during the 7 Day Body-Mind Detox, and post-program information). If you have medical conditions please consult with your doctor before committing to the program. We are also happy to discuss your specific situation with you and help you decide if this is the right program for you. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, we are here for you! Much love, Randa and Sheryl.