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| Your Health Uplevelled

5 month 1:1 Program

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YHU (Your Health Uplevelled) is a program that I designed specifically for YOU! You and I, together for 5 months to Uplevel your health.

Do you feel stuck? You know how you want to look and feel in your body and mind now and ongoing but you don’t intuitively know what lifestyle practices will get you there.  

You may have health symptoms (e.g. bloating, gas, brain fog, low energy, belly fat, joint pain, anxiety, hair loss, skin issues) that you’re tolerating but refuse to accept that they are yours FOREVER. Or you see people around you suffering with common aging complaints or diagnoses like weight gain, memory loss, movement challenges, diabetes, the big C. 

This is NOT what you want for yourself. You don’t want to be another statistic. You know there must be a better way. But where do you even start?  


With YHU! This program is for women who are not willing to settle for “common” or average when it comes to their health. This is longer, high-touch program where we will do key functional medicine tests to get under your “hood!”. We will then use this powerful data to make changes to your lifestyle and I will support you over 5 months to make the change sustainable.


​•   Diet
•   Exercise
•   Sleep
•   Stress Management
•   Daily routines
•   Detoxing your body and environment
•   Gut Health and Digestion
•   Brain health
•   Hormonal Balance
•   Supplements
•   Emotional Balance
•   Success Mindset


YHU is for you if you want to:
•   Understand what is going on in your body and what is needed to UPLEVEL; 

•   You've been given a diagnosis  e.g. hypothyroid, autoimmune or you just feel exhausted, can't  sleep, or have recurring symptoms that you know you can improve through lifestyle and targeted protocols; 
•   Get rid of niggling health symptoms e.g. bloating, gas, brain fog, low energy, belly fat, joint pain, anxiety, hair loss, skin issues;
•   You know your health needs some attention but you don’t know where to start 
•   Achieve and exceed your health goals through customised changes to nutrition, movement and stress management practices (i.e. more energy, a stronger body, a sharper brain, more resilience, balanced moods, more ease in life);  
•   Invest in your health with the objective of having a longer “healthspan” (the period of life spent in good health); and
•   Work through self-limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your goals.


•   5 months

•   1 hour comprehensive health review session

•   11 sessions of 45 minutes at a frequency that suits you 
•   3 functional medicine lab tests (gut, hair tissue mineral analysis, inflammation)*

•   Review of lab testing and protocol recommendations

•   Lifestyle recommendations tailored to your test results

•   Handouts and resources relevant for your goals

•   1:1 accountability

•   Unlimited support via email/ whatsapp;

INVESTMENT: reach out for latest pricing 

You may be thinking, "I've tried this before, it didn't work" or "I don't believe this will work for me". That's because you haven't yet understood my process. This includes:

cutting through the noise and supporting you to make lifestyle changes that reflect the latest research in female health AND fit into your lifestyle

• there is no one size fits all approach, I meet each client where they are at

I am literally in your pocket! You have access to me 5 days a week from 9-5 to answer questions, coach you through blocks, celebrate your success 

All my programs have risk-free guarantees as I know you will see results if you follow my guidance. 

Hannah S

I have known Sheryl for a long time as a lovely friend but what led me to make the step to reach out in a professional capacity? Nothing was terribly wrong. I thought I ate ok, I exercised a little, I didn’t have any significant health issues, I wasn’t overweight. However, I was tired most of the time, stressed with the juggle of parenting, trying to have a career and all the other things that get thrown up in the air every day. I didn’t feel comfortable in my body anymore and the mid-afternoon slumps were incapacitating. I was in my mid-forties and had spent a decade in sleep deprived parenthood mode, grabbing chicken nuggets and relying on carbs and coffee to see me through the day. 


Isn’t this just how things are in your forties? Feeling a bit softer around the middle, not as energetic, short tempered, lacking motivation. I tried to cut back on the sugar and exercise more but this just added to the stress and bottomless to do list; it was something else to feel guilty about not achieving. What did the next decade hold in store and was I prepared to accept the status quo?


Well, simple answer, no. So, I reached out to Sheryl. I wasn’t expecting a total transformation but I thought that at the very least, I would be making myself accountable to someone else and not just relying on my own flawed willpower. It felt like such an indulgence to invest in myself.


From the outset, Sheryl’s presence was like sunshine breaking through the daily drudge. The first thing she did was take away the guilt. She couldn’t have been more supportive or understanding. The goals we agreed were specific, they were manageable, and they were set without judgement or stress. Small tweaks that built to big changes without me even noticing. With her support all the things that I knew I needed to change, but that felt too difficult to achieve, were suddenly so much easier to address. I stopped snacking, I began moving more, I knew how to make better food choices, I lost weight and gained energy. I wasn’t perfect but I was moving forward. Most importantly of all, this felt completely do-able and sustainable. It has become a natural default in how I live my day and not a constant battle to do better and then guilt that I didn’t. It has been simply transformational. I am the lightest I’ve been in years, both physically and mentally. I make it through the day without a sugar crash. I am so much more in tune with what I need and how to make myself happy. Which in turn has made me much nicer to be around. And best of all it feels permanent! I cannot thank Sheryl enough. 

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